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March 4

    Yurt Collapse!  January 2nd, 2009

Got a call from our neighbor, Russ Gibbs, who was on patrol down checking out our property and he said that we had a problem!  I left that evening immediately and drove the two hours to Packwood.

Russ, bless his heart, spent the next couple hours (late into the evening) scooping out all the snow that had gone from the roof to the interior of the house.

The next morning, this is how it looked.  I called Alison and John, my dad, and Russ came down to help sort it out.


So first we shoveled out the outside.  Then we bought a bunch of 2x4's.  Dad cut'em to the right size and we started propping the rafters up.  Fortunately, the tension cable had not broke in the collapse.


Once we got every other gap propped up, we could hang the vinyl side-walls back on the cable.


Heck, we stuck the insulation, both the fiberglass and the factory insulation, back in the wall!  John and Alison, here, working together.


we were able to get it all wrapped up by early afternoon.  A nice fire roars in the fireplace and begins the drying out process.


Looking normal.


The moral of the story is this:

As near as we can figure, there was about 2 feet of snow on the roof.  The yurt would not have collapsed if we were living there because the heat from the warmth inside melts the snow and makes the roof shed all the snow.  However, we were not there.  The 2 feet of snow was frozen to the roof.  It rained.  As it became heavier, it collapsed the lattice-wall about 2 feet below the top edge - all the way around.

Don't abandon a yurt that does not have the snowload kit installed during heavy snow periods in the winter!




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