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March 4

    Sweden - August 29 - September 2

***** Click here for a Google Map of our route and photos *******


    We drove by some friends in Kiruna but found Tove and Ulrik Falck had moved to Pakistan and were working for the United Nations.

Here, Linnea is taking a time out and kicking and screaming after a long car ride to the arctic Sami village of Jokkmokk.


I've been to Storfors (big falls) a few times.  Here, the Pite River flows over some granit and makes some big splashing noises.


We drove to a little village called Jńvre just south of Piteň.  Here Linnea is held by Gunnel Lundstr÷m one of my grandmothers cousins.


They arranged a small reunion for us.  I'm sorry we couldn't spend longer with everyone.


Ann-Britt and Rebecca.  Rebecca found it hard to communicate because only 1 or 2 of these folks could speak english really well.  Ann-Britt visited my parent back when I lived in Montesano.


This is Birgitta Berglund who came with her husband Kurt Íhman to the US to visit our relatives back in the 80's.


Henning, Gunnel's husband in the background.  Torsten is on the left and is Gunnel and Birgitta's brother.  Erik on the right was married to the Kerstin, their 3rd sister.


Ulla Dahlberg came to the US to visit our family in 1995.


After only a few hours seeing everyone, we had to move on to Skellefteň.  We were not looking forward to the drive!  Linnea was learning to hate the car.


In Skellefteň we met Sture and Ann-Britt Fredricksson at their home with Anna and Patrick.  It was only a quick dinner, then we moved off to Torbj÷rn and Boel's place late in the evening.  We didn't even get a picture of them!  But thanks for the warm hospitality.


The next day, we slept till 0900 and didn't leave until noon to get to Michael and Iris Rydh's just south of Umeň.


Here's Michael and Iris!



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