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March 4

    Sweden - August 26-28, 2008

***********Click here for a google map with pictures of our trip with pictures***********


    At Arlanda airport in Stockholm waiting for the plane to Kiruna at the very northern tip of Sweden above the arctic circle.



We got off the plane in Kiruna, rented a car (a nice one), and drove to Nikkaluokta.  It is the starting point for climbing Sweden's highest mountain, Kebnekaise.  Here, we rented a stuga (cottage) to stay and rest before we hiked.



The end of this valley is our walking destination.  It's 19 km.  There is a boat over a lake along the way that can be taken cutting 7 km from the walk.



Just outside of Ladjojärvi inside a small shed waiting for the boat in the rain.  Linnea is doing great!


On the boat with a Sami man at the helm.  100 kr / person sheduled every few hours.


It rained all the way up to Kebnekaise Fjällstation.  At the hut, we had to stay in our room most of the time, just to get Linnea to sleep.


This is about as remote as Enchanted Valley Chalet in Olympic National Park, however, the accomidations are a little nicer.  This is just the dormitory, not the private rooms.


This was the name of the dorm we stayed in.


This is a small older hut just outside of the main hut area.


Here is the whole "mountain station", helicopter and all.


This is Tuolpogourni, the most prominent peak in the area.  The trail to Kebnekaise goes up to the right of it.


Some nice fall flowers gone to seed.


The rain eased off for our trip out.  Linnea slept the entire 8 kilometers to the boat.


We waited a few hours for the boat while Rebecca tried to get Linnea some sleep.


The boat over Ladjojaure actually goes up the river a few kilometers.


On the way down, another Sami man at the helm asked who wanted a Reindeer Burger.  We all said YES.  So we ate a Reindeer Burger at LapDonald's.


Rebecca and Linnea on Ladjojaure with the Sami flag and Tuolpogourni in the background.


It was another 5 km out to our car and our little stuga where we stayed another night.




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