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March 4

    Sweden - Day 3 and 4 - Stockholm.
    We stopped by Staffan and Camilla's 2nd Hand store in Norrskedika.  It's a rather bustling affair.  I must concur with the shoppers frequenting the store.  Some of the old stuff made of wood, tin, steel, and glass, are sooo much nicer than the plastic stuff made these days.



The Swedes all fly flags in front of the houses and businesses, but they didn't need a national crisis to pull them together.


Sweden is called the Venice of the North.  I don't think that Venice is called the Stockholm of the South, though.  Many smalls canals, fjords, bays, inlets, lakes, and islands.


Stadshuset, the town hall, in downtown Stockholm.  I have always loved the 18th century buildings along lake Mälaren.


We stayed in an old prison converted into a hostel - hotel.  It is on the Island of Longholmen, not far from downtown.


The next day we took the subway to the other side of Stockholm and walked back across town.  I've always loved this row of buildings along the lake.


Simple classic lines.


Out in the country, most of the houses are red, but in the city, the earth toned apartments have a nice visual appeal.


More canals and boats at Sunset.




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