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The Canary Islands

In my view, the mountains and their culture are the reasons to go to the Canaries.  Dramatic, immense, and varied, they have shaped the way the people have lived there since people began to inhabit them.

This is Roque de Taborno near Taganana in the Anaga Mountains.  It was a spectacular walk and not more than a few hours.


This is the highest mountain in the Canary Islands (and in Spain) at 12,300 feet, Mt. Teide.  This picture is taken from the west on the road from Los Gigantes.  That's fresh snow on top.


There is an 18 km walk from the eastside of Mt. Teide at El Portillo to the Parador de Las Canadas.  It snowed on us this day, and it was windy.  The elevation where we stand here is about 7000 feet.  This is inside a huge caldera 16 miles round.  It's like being in another world.


Again, inside the Las Canadas caldera.  Striking volcanic formations.


Let's change islands and go to La Palma, the westernmost island and the most mountainous island in the world.  This is at 8000 feet on the rim of the Caldera de Taburiente.


On the south side of La Palma, there is another 22 km walk called the Ruta des Volcanes.  It's long, mostly downhill, and takes you past multiple volcanoes that have recently erupted.


On the north side of La Palma, from about 1000 feet to 5000 feet, you'll find many deep ravines and canyons.  Here is the canyon of Los Tilos and it's a primeval jungle by all accounts.


Dark and misty in the canyon of Los Tilos.


Mists nourish the rainforest as well as the rain.

Back on Tenerife in the Anaga mountains in the east.  The spire in the background is the first walk we did and the picture of me above.  This picture is taken during another walk.  There was a small pebble beach down there where we sat for a few hours and ate lunch.

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