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March 4

    Spring Green-Up -- 2007

April 18th, 2007 -- Gardening


At 1920 feet elevation.  


Daffodils and snow.


Geraniums are blooming inside.


Spinach is sprouting inside the house.


The greenhouse we made last year will get us at least one more year.  It's cold up here still.  It's been snowing each day a little, but there's plenty of sun to warm the greenhouse.  It hasn't been freezing inside the plastic.


We planted those starts of broccoli, lettuce, and Brussels sprouts about 8th or so.  French fingerling potatoes are on the other side of the starts.  And just today I planted some more romaine lettuce and spinach.  Last year we didn't plant anything until about June 1st.  This year we have stuff in the ground the first week of April.


Hugga ved, det ska värma dig två gånger.  Chop wood, it will warm you two times.



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