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March 4

    Things done - November 25-29th, 2007

Progress at the yurt in Packwood.

Phase 1: Almost Complete

     *Plumb toilet and sink for use.

     *Get interior of yurt wired for electricity.

     *Dig trench from power supply to bath house.

     *Burn slash piles and make way for a drive way.





Now that we have water, we can burn the slash piles around the house.  I thought I was going to see the fire marshal out at the house.


I was not a plumber.  I still am not a plumber.  Here I worked on the Drain/Vent/Waste from the sink and toilet.


Here is the outside faucet, the drain from the toilet.  Exciting stuff.


Here is the cold-water IN and the sink.  The dead end stem will be for the water heater.


The vent for the toilet.  I glued it all together and reverse charged the system from the faucet with the hose.  I flushed the toilet.  It filled back up.  The water ran out of the sink.  Hmmm.

54 feet, 18" deep, a shovel width wide.  I was skeptical at first, but I timed myself over 5 feet - 12 minutes.  So I didn't think it would take too long, so I just went for it.


Take off your thirsty boots and stay for awhile.


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