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March 4

    New Work Done at the Yurt in Packwood, WA

October 26, 2007


First of all, we have to say thank you! to all the people who helped us through the stressful time of getting the darned yurt on a platform and set up during a busy summer.

1. Andy Anderson - 2. Joan Lofgren - 3. Bonnie Doyle - 4. Sara Koenig - 5. Arnie Peterson - 6. Ellen Myers

Below is Mt. Rainier looming behind the new shed we just built where our shower, bathroom sink, washer/drier, toilet, freezer, and other things will be.


As you approach you can see Mt. Rainier through both windows.


Our shed stands proudly above the mound that was created to house the septic tank.  Just think about that.  This a shed that a ranger built.  I've discovered I'm not a carpenter.  Thank heaven for trim.


Tarp roofs are required by code in this remote backwater region of Washington.  We still have plenty of work to do on it, obviously.  Trim, plumb, wire, insulate...


We finally got a door on, the walls up, which means we can lock it.  Now we can store all the building supplies inside the shed rather down where we'll live at the yurt.  


It was just such a nice fall day.  


This is where they dug the trench that will bring power, water, and telephone to our property.  It was dug 3 weeks ago.  I bet that all the people involved, the PUD, the water-district, the phone company, and the excavator are all at home enjoying the nice day and taking the opportunity to throw a new tarp over their sheds.


Down at the yurt, things aren't as dirty, torn up, or barren.  We decided to put the yurt in an area that wasn't in the construction zone.


We bought two units at IKEA.  The one on the left will be the sink.  The one on the right; kitchen storage.  We still need a gas stove and a small refrigerator.  Anybody have anything they can lend?


We built an interior wall inside the yurt which means we'll have a bed room.


Looking up through the center ring.


There's a front porch and a back porch.  The stove will go where the silver hole is in the side.  Wood is already cut.


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