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March 4

    Rebecca and Stefan's Yurt - Packwood, WA


    Boy, did we ever get some help.  This process below took us about 5 total days.  Right off the bat, we need to give a special thanks to:

1. Andy Anderson - Ranger, Mt. Rainier for boundless enthusiasm in light of my insane tightly focused brain!

2. Mom Doyle and Mom Lofgren - Up from Portland and over from Matlock (both twice) for food, and patience with my inability to explain what ever it was we were doing.

3. Dad Lofgren, in Elma, WA - For helping (directing) me put a roof on the old structure that remained after we took the yurt down.

4. Sara Koenig and Arne Peterson - GIS Specialists, Mt. Rainier.  For a delightful attitude and willing hands getting a roof on, standing on the top of ladders, and contorting their hands in all sorts of tight places!

5. Ellen Meyers - Last, but never the least (and always there to lend a hand), even came down from Ashford in the middle of her own building project to give us a cheery attitude and a whole lotta help!

The Yurt Raising

We staked out a spot down in a nice hollow.  The first thing to do was put all the concrete piers out where they were supposed to be.


It was a lot of stuff to carry down to the site.  A steep trail was cleared out to access the location.


We tentatively placed all the floor joists out.


We added the blocked in between the floor joists that really tied it together and made the floor stiff.  This was about as far as we got on June 30th.


On the 6th of July we came back and finished putting the floor on. All the old pieces from the old yurt have red numbers on them.  They fit nicely in with the new pieces.


The next day, both moms, Sara and Arne, and Ellen came down to do the fun part!  Well, not all of it was fun, lot's of stuff needed to be carried down to the site.


First one side of the lattice goes up.  The moms went to work on installing the dome opener retrofit on the center ring.


Then the other lattice.


Then the doors, the center ring, and the rafters.


We put the factory insulation drape down over the rafters, then the old 1 1/2" fiberglass insulation down, then the factory bubble-wrap/mylar insulation down.  The vinyl roof went over that.  Only a few minor problems along the way.


We then hung the side-wall insulation.  We had to leave, though, before the dome was put on, but what success!


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