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March 4

    Taking down the yurt - June 20-22, 2007

These pictures are all from the same place on the porch.


We took down the yurt over three days.  I got here on Thursday and started moving things to the basement.


The furniture was first.


The insulation in the walls came out easier than it was put in.  The floor carpet and linoleum started to come out.


The vinyl sidewalls and carpets came out.


Both of the sidewalls and all of the floor is out, but there's loads of clutter on the floor still.


Now the insulation is under cover and everything is ready to put to bed for the night.


The next day, dad and Rebecca helped take down the roof cover and insulation.


Then we took down the roof rafters.


You take down all of the except 3 at 120 degree positions.


Then the center ring comes down.


The doors and walls come out.


They get rolled up and taken down.


There was a basement under the yurt.  We squared up the floor (being round before) so we could put a normal roof on it.


Dad built the roof truss.


Lots of 2x4s.


It took about all of the 3rd day by myself to get the rest of the roof plywood up and all of the roofing on.




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