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March 4

    Recent Work on the yurt and bath house in Packwood.


I finally got the shower "roughed" in.  I think roughing things in for most carpenters is like delicate finish work for me.


Hey, it's a beautiful, well-greased, and well-thought-out machine.  I even got to take a shower today.  You could wash clothes.


I'm embarrased to say that after I plumbed the hot water and reduced, fitted, tightened, PTFE taped, insulated, sheeted, and installed the washer and dryer, I neglected to glue one fitting.  I turned on the hot water, it was fine.  I walked away.  A few hours later, the air had leaked out and 50 gallons of water later... Uh...  you can guess the rest.


Down at the yurt, things are nice and homey.


This is by far the nicest yurt configuration yet...  Of, uh, three yurt set-ups.


There's even a front porch out of the french doors.  I've never been able to use the french doors before.


The bedroom just has a futon in it right now.


It's nice and bright inside.  And it's really easy to clean!




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