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March 4

    Packwood House in Coming Along! (February 21st, 2009)

Upstairs in the attic is room for a little storage space!


A view from the outside.  The roof is half-on.


The 200-amp service is being brought to the house.


The sewer and septic lines are brought to the house.


The upstairs is our bedroom.  Under the balcony is the spare bedroom.  The large pyramid windows face out towards Mt. Rainier.


Our heatpump...  Exciting stuff.


The backside of the house.  I think that I'll frame that in as a mud-room.


This is a view from our deck north towards Mt. Rainier.



Inside the kitchen sink is plumbed.


From our balcony looking out onto our roof.


Inside the electrician has ran all the wires and the plumbing is all roughed in.


This is the living room and kitchen.  It's all one space.



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