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March 4

    As of February 1st, 2008!

One word sums it up: Shoveling


Well, we've done a few things through January.  It's been snowy and life has pretty much all about the white stuff.  

  • I've shoveled 100 yard path from my airplane to the airstrip.
  • I've shoveled a 65 foot trench 18" deep for the water/electric/phone to the bathhouse.
  • I've shoveled 300 feet of driveway so we can drive to our property.
  • I've shoved the deck, woodpile, perimeter of bathhouse, and water meter, quite a few times.
  • I shovel snowpits at work.
  • I shovel signs at work.

Shoveling. It's what I'm doing today.

This is the fun kind of shoveling.  This day it was even sunny.  This is digging a snow pit for avalanche purposes at Alta Vista.


This, however, is the kind of shoveling I don't like to do.  300 feet of driveway, and this is only part of it!



Shoveling the front deck at the yurt in Packwood.



Shoveling the back deck at the yurt in Packwood.



I even shoveled some of the roof off, so it wouldn't slide down on the deck I just shoveled.



Like a jerk, I left the partially buried water meter charged with water.  Guess what happened when it got down to 12 degrees in Packwood.  So I un-buried it, this time, I laid the water line to the bath house in the trench.  It should be good to go when they put the new water meter in!



The phone line was put in by Centurytel.  Today, I wired a phone cable up and brought it in to the bath house.  This will be our first phone line. 360-494-0705


I had to shovel the base of this out.



Richard, our electrician, brought the underground feeder to the bath house.  It's not charged yet, but it's just about 15 minutes of labor to get it so.  All we have to do is wire the inside of the bath house and wire the septic system.



A close-up of power and water and telephone to the bath house.  I know this isn't very exciting to you (all) but for me, they are things I get to cross off on my to do list!  



Here's a good bit of shoveling I had to do.  I like to shovel snow more than dirt..  Rather than wait for our excavator to do this work, I got all punchy and thought, "I can dig an 18" trench for 65 feet."  I timed myself, 10 feet in 20 minutes.  A few hours later, I had a trench the whole way.  Then, the electrician told me it had to be 24".  I went back to it, but this time, I couldn't finish because there were rocks too big for me to lift out.  With my head in my hands, and a short teary-eyed episode, I went to the excavator.




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