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Wildwood Trail - Forest Park - Portland, OR

March 1st, 2007

29.75 miles of muddy bliss.

I had a day in Portland, so Rebecca dropped me off in the rain at about 9:50 am.  Bonnie picked me up at Newberry Road, 30 miles later, still in the rain at 5:50 pm.

There was about 20 miles where I didn't see anyone at all!

It's amazing that you can be just a mile from downtown Portland and feel like your in the Hoh Rain Forest for almost 30 miles.  In the rain, by the way, the Hoh Trail is drier.  This was one big mud lover's dream.

Download the GPX route for your GPS below (Obtained during my walk, therefore the points are subject to GPS satellite inaccuracy).


Download the ESRI Shape File (.shp) for ArcMap or other GIS programs below (See GPX note above).

wildwood.shp, wildwood.shx, wildwood.dbf

Download the TOPO! (.tpo) file. (I made freehand corrections to this route, and it is more accurate than the above files) :







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