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March 4

    WACAP -- Western Airborne Contaminants and Assessment Project -- 2007

March 5th, 2007 -- The principle of this project is that as the snow falls it deposits a record of air quality.  We simply? sample it, and send it off for analysis.

Above: Rebecca buries the coolers that hold the dry ice that will preserve the snow samples for shipping to the lab.


Above: Don Campbell sorts through gear to make sure everything is there for the sampling mission the next morning.


Above: The group heading up from Paradise.  Glenn Kessler, Don Campbell, Rebecca Doyle, and Bill Baccus (left to right).


Above: Don, Bill, and Rebecca nearing Glacier Vista.


Above: Glenn carries the sled that will transport the heavy snow down to Paradise.


Above: Bill Baccus on the way up to our highest sampling site.


Above: USGS project leader, Don Campbell with Anvil Rock in the background.


Above: Probing for a sampling location neither too deep nor too shallow.  Some pits are as deep as 6 meters (nearly 20 feet) or as shallow as a meter (3 feet).


Above: Recording site characteristics, stratigraphy, density, and temperature information.


Above: Taking temperature data.


Above: The support infrastructure - a warming hut, transport sled, supplies, and coffee!


Above: Weighing snow densities.


Above: Bagging the snow samples.


Above: Glenn Kessler is skiing the snow samples down ski patrol style.


Above: Glenn and Rebecca on their way down with the samples.


Above: Of course, there is time for a few turns on the way down.


Above: Norse ski god, Baccus, demonstrates a telemark turn near McClure Rock.



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