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PCT Daily Mileage Log


2001 - A sPaCeT Odyssey


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In 2001, I walked the PCT (Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail).


Quick Stats:


Total Mileage:                    2655 miles

Time:                               83.5 days

Average Pace:                   31.7 miles/day

Average Pace (1st half)       27 miles/day

Average Pace (2nd half)      38 miles/day

Rest Days (not counted):    4 days

Cost per Mile:                    1 dollar/mile

Number of Resupplies:        26

Most enjoyable stretch:      Tahoe - Shasta

Pack weight (1st half):       26 lbs.

Pack weight (2nd half):      12 lbs.




Prickly Pear Cactus





Ocotillo Schrub





Sunrise, Anza-Borrego










Cedar Springs







Looking back at San Jacinto





Near Big Bear.






Lots of Poison Oak




Looking down at Los Angeles


















Near Mt. Baden Powell






The dirty girls at Dianne Saufley's House!






Walking with an umbrella rather than sunscreen.















Windmills at Tehachapi Pass







Burns in the Tehachapi Mountains






Looking down into the Owen's Valley







Foxtail pines and granite.





















Forester Pass.





















Muir Pass.






Sally Rae Lakes.

















Mosquito Residue on my hands in Yosemite





Lake Donehue, Yosemite.

















Near Sonora Pass.




Desolation Wilderness, Tahoe.










Walking down into Squaw Valley for the first 4 days without walking in over 1000 miles.


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