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Dodd's Visit February 16, 2007


Former Climbing Rangers Erik Dodd and Tyler Kellett in Longmire on our way to Camp Muir to assess the winter storm damage.


Tyler working his way up the ice on Pan Point.



Wings and Sauce at 9000.




Conditions sucked when we arrived, but the next day it cleared off and it was just windy.




Most everything was still there although a few minor damage was reported to a few of the structures.





Dodd coming down the snowfield at Anvil Rock.




Rebecca ripping it up at Anvil Rock.




The wind was rather strong.




Tyler is a ski patroller at Steven's Pass (or is he a ski instructor?)





60 degrees, beer, enchiladas, at the end of Wold Road after we got back.




Pack up, drive to Parkdale to visit Glenn Kessler.




Glenn is remodeling his house, pine ceilings and exterior from the lumber he milled from his own trees.  Look's great.





Cheezecake Dodd at 6500 feet above Cloudcap and Tilly Jane at Mt. Hood.



Dodd's banging tele's in some chutes above Tilly Jane.




Kellett and Dodd at the Tilly Jane ski cabin.



Dodd vacuuming Kessler's place.



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