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March 4

    Wildland Fire Calls!


    I had a great opportunity to finish out my Engine Captain taskbook on a severity detail to Crater Lake.

I went with Geoff Walker and Will Susich, both backcountry rangers at Mt. Rainier.


Will Susich, keepin' it real, at Mazama Village Campground, Crater Lake NP.


Geoff Walker, on patrol around the rim of the Crater Lake.


Engine Captains John Deluna (Olympic National Park) and Billy Snyder (Crater Lake National Park) trollin' round the rim.


The Olympic Crew.


Will Susich with us as a lookout at Summit Rock Quarry just on the north side of Crater Lake.



We were able to initial attack 3 fires.  Here Geoff Walker is stalking the Sharp Peak fire (Timber Crater Complex 10).



Geoff is summoning the ire of norse fire-god ING to new levels of rage.



This area of Crater Lake is known for it's splendid ponderosa groves.  Here's were trying to save one.



Back on patrol around the rim.


Geoff strikes a pose for the camera man.


We had a bad morning, we lost a chalk block and the lid to our cooler.  The Olympic Crew saved our buts with our chalk block, but we found our lid on the highway near Diamond Lake.  


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