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March 4

    June 30th, 2008

Erik Dodd, Tyler Kellett, Nick Giguere, Becky Peace, Terry O'Connor, and I gather for a little ski on Mt. Hood.  We arrive at Glenn Kessler's house in Parkdale, OR for a little pre ski apertif.


    Tyler on Kessler's porch.


At Cloudcap on the way up to Cooper Spur.


Becky and Erik on their way up almost on the Elliot Glacier.  Our aim is the ridge on the right.


There's the kind of smile you pay for.


Glenn is deep in kabala meditation astrally-projecting himself onto the mountain to save route finding effort.


Erik Dodd, central Californian farm-boy, remembers what glaciers were like when he used to live in Washington.


Tyler was born on a glacier.


Erik Dodd and Terry O'Connor just woke up from their naps and they are a little grumpy.


Having slept, Terry, Glenn, and Tyler are about ready to begin their schuss down Snowdome.


Glenn Kessler never really telemarked anyway, and it seems he's got a leg up on us, since most of us have switched to randonnee!



There are still a few hold-outs, though, and Nick Giguere is one of them.  These are some of Nick's first turns in 2 years.  


Becky is shredding snow dome.  My goodness, although Nick and Becky have had more adventures together than most couples, this was one of their first backcountry ski trips together. 


Tyler Kellett, here again, singing sweet love songs to the summer corn.


Prankster, funny-guy, and certified tweaker Terry O'Connor has finished up his residency and he's skiing backwards down a crevasse riddled glacier now.


Back at Glenn's we sit on the shelter of the deck and watch the lightning storm of the century.




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