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March 4

    4 days in Sisters, OR / May 31st - June 3, 2007

A map of the area around Sisters (right/center).  Santiam Pass is top/center.  The McKenzie river flows down from top/right to bottom/right.  McKenzie Pass is in the pink center/bottom.


We peddled from Black Butte Ranch and got food at the Ray's Food Place in Sisters.


We peddled up highway 242 to McKenzie Pass, which was closed to motorized traffic.


The evening light after 2000 feet of going up.


Evening light on the heather and heath.


The rocky face of the North Sister.


After we spent the night near Lava Lake Campground, in the morning, we peddled a few miles beyond.  There is an observatory at the top of the pass.  I'd been here before, but going north on the PCT.


There was little snow on the east side of the crest.


We peddled back to Black Butte, almost 40 miles, reconfigured, and drove to McKenzie Bridge.


We walked about 10 miles up the trail from the ranger station.


The McKenzie River near our campsite.


Tamolitch Valley (Blue Pool) is where the McKenzie re-emerges from the lava flows.


A quick coffee break after we saw Margo, Travis, and Greg who happened to be mountain biking the trail that day.


Koosah Falls was running big!


A spring on the north side of Clear Lake.


The ranger station at McKenzie Bridge.  Bonnie picked us up at the top of our walk and shuttled us back down to our car.


The evening light on the meadow at Black Butte.


Looking up an aspen tree.


More evening light on a fence.




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