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March 4

    Hike and Ski April 19-20, 2007

I wanted to go fishing in Cora Lake, just about 8 miles from our house on Skate Creek Rd.  I bought a fishing license online.

This is the reconnaissance trip on the 19th of April up Big Creek Rd.  This is right at Big Creek Bridge about 4 miles up Big Creek Rd.  A little snowy.


April 20th, 2007.  We arrived at the lake after about a 3 mile ski and 1/2 mile walk up some steep snow in the woods.  The lake is 3800 feet.  Still a lot of snow!  Oh, well.  No fishing.


Rebecca didn't want her picture taken.



Burritos and cookies for lunch.



Spring is springing, even during this cold and wet spring.



The movie star finally warmed up to the camera.



This is a no-fall zone.


Sliding down a snow-chute.


The end of the snow.  Walking from here.



Back at the house.  Still trying to clean the next door house so when Andy and Rebecca move in, it won't smell at all.  This is the carpet in the bedroom.  Ammonia, then dish soap.  Scrub and rinse.

Here's Snyder our cat.  He's having fun.  Poor little mouse.  He's still alive.


Recipe for fun:  Put mouse in mouth.  Shake the hell out of mouse.  Let mouse crawl around.  Pounce on mouse again.

If you're ever caught by a cat, don't crawl back under the cat to take "cover".





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