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March 4

    Colorado Ski Trip - Denver, Vail, Francie's Hut - 02/23 - 03/02.


    After staying in Denver for a night with Kathy and Ken Reynard (and Bonnie Doyle) we made our way up to their little cabin in the woods in East Vail.  We stayed with them 2 years ago.  What a great place and how generous of them to share!

We went for a hike literally just out the back door from their place up into the Gore Range.  Rebecca is 6-months pregnant here and up at 10,500 feet.


My favorite trees.  Aspens.  And Rebecca hiding in them.  


A birds-eye view of I-70 at Vail.


A few days later, we skied at Ski Cooper at Tennessee Pass, just north of Leadville.  We're standing at 11,700 feet here.


Trying out my new snowboard at Ski Cooper.


Rebbeca tests some nice pow at Ski Cooper.


Next, we skied into Francie's Hut not far south of Breckenridge, CO.  The hut was at 11,300.  Here Dave Clow, USGS employee, is sampling snow at about 11,500.


The next day we did some exploring.  Here we made it up to 12,500.  The snow wasn't great for any sustained length, but from time to time we found some good snow.


Don Campbell, USGS employee, taking a picture of me taking a picture.


Morning alpenglow on a "silver" snag just outside the hut.


Cindy is all smiles, all the time, coming up over the ridge at 12,500.


Kate and Barbara soaking up the sun after our long outing.


Washing up the dishes after morning breakfast.


Don Campbell and Dave Clow.


"The Group" has been getting together at huts in Colorado for the last 20 years, some of these folks have been there each year.


After everyone left on the third day, Rebecca and I went up into a basin onto a rock glacier at about 12,200.


We came back to Denver, met with Cathy Erikson, a long-time friend of Rebecca's on a warm evening in Denver.  Don and Cindy put us up, fed us a great dinner and breakfast, woke up to a snow storm on our way out.  


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