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March 4

    Back to Carter Meadows Summit - 02/14/08

It was so good here we decided to come back.


Lindsey takes a break with Tyler.


The papparazzi caught this glamour girl for a one-timer with Lindsey and Tyler.


Haley's a K2 girl.


Rebecca is a K2 girl.


In fact, most of us a K2 people.


5 1/2 month pregnant girls rock.


8-month long dad's don't quite rock as much!  BUT-give the guy a break.  There's some precious cargo in the back!  Stem-Christies, you betcha.  I would too.


Tyler is the Levenworth PSIA Level VIa9(ra) ski school director.


This was a great little highway.  You could sit back with a beer in the middle of the road after a hard day...


You gotta keep your eye on Big Till.  We caught her out on the highway livin' it up, too!



A good week of skiing!


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