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March 4

    Ohanapecosh in January, 2008.

There's a lot of snow at Ohanapecosh.  It is only 1920 feet, but there is an enormous amount of snow this year.  What's really odd is that we live in Ashford at precisely 1920 feet.  At the same time these pictures were taken, there was only a few inches of snow.  Ohanapecosh must be influenced by "east slope of the cascades" air.

At the south park arch, Ohanapecosh Entrance.


Looking out the garage. to the snow.


Down the side of the ranger station.


The trail crew shed.  Notice the how far the snow is up the sign.


This is the single appartment where the D.R. used to live.


This is the duplex.


Here are the appartments.


I hope there aren't any kids that were left on those swings.


The engine won't be responding to any fire callouts until the 48" inches of snow melts.


Proof I ain't lyin'.


I made about 40 passes with the snomo to pack it all down.


The snow was a little higher out at the road.


These next pictures are when Rebecca and I skied into the Grove of the Patriarchs.  Here's the bridge at the grove.


Here's the boardwalk at the Grove.




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