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March 4

    Skiing up Hogback Mountain 01/07/08

Went for a great ski today up Hogback Mountain not far from White Pass Ski Area.


All smiles:


Not really a whole lotta steeps on the north side, but the snow was right for turns on 20 degree slopes.


All smiles.


Little tiny turns when it got flat.


I'm getting crazy here down Paradise Cliff run at White Pass (on the way down from Hogback).


Part of this was to recon for future ski trips with our crazy friends.

 Click here for index map: White_Pass_Backcountry.jpg

Or if you have google earth, open it, then: click White Pass Backcountry.kmz


All right, this is area "A" in the center.  Nice turns await. White Pass lifts are on the left.  This is from Hogback Mountain. It's called Twin Peaks.

Here is a close up:


This is area "D" on the index map.



This is area "B" just off the top of Hogback Mountain.  These 3 images go from right to the left.


The next picture is area "C" on the index map.  It looks pretty cool, too.


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