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March 4

    Flight around Packwood, WA.  October 21st, 2008

The fall colors down the Cowlitz River, Randle in the background.


Bridge over the Cowlitz at Case Rd. between Randle and Packwood.



Looking up towards Packwood and Skyo Mountain to the left.



Down the Cowlitz River valley.


Over our house which is being built in Packwood, WA.


Rene's Tee Pee along Butter Creek.


The airstrip in Packwood (55S).



Mt. Rainier and the Kautz, front and center.



The boundary rock above Blue Lake and Taos Creek.



Tatoosh Lake.


Unicorn Peak.  Ah-hah!  That's why it's called Unicorn.








The Steven's Canyon Rd.



Meaders along the Cowlitz River.



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